1. Team Development
Succeeding in today’s rapidly changing economy requires the ability to get all members of your extended team talking and collaborating effectively. Coming up with innovative ideas, products and services to take advantage of new opportunities means getting people across different divisions and cultures to work seamlessly together.  Success springs from a foundation of trust and respect within the team and its leadership.
Developing good working relationships takes both time and excellent dialogue skills. We can help you and your team develop those dialogue skills that will allow you to make the most of your limited time. Investing your time and energy in learning to collaborate effectively is a high leverage investment that will pay off many times over in the long run. And it will help you and your team sustain the performance that you need, not only to survive, but also to thrive in the challenging business environment all of today's companies are facing.

2. Special Events Facilitation
At times, a skilled facilitator can be invaluable support for a successful international meeting or challenging team situation. Having a neutral facilitator can allow groups to:
- Structure a meeting effectively
- Promote effective decision making processes
- Tap into the collective potential and creativity inherent in all groups
- Avoid getting lost in debate when dialogue is crucial
As a skilled facilitator, Greg can help you and your team navigate the communication challenges inherent in agenda-building, decision-making and bridging different communication styles. By making sure that all voices in the room are heard you ensure better decisions, higher motivation and increased commitment to implementation.

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