Bridging Cultural Differences with Dialogue and Personal Development

Talking Together supports individuals and teams who are working globally or relocating abroad. If you are working with people from other cultures, would you like to know how they see the world and how they view your perspective?  Would you like to know how to build trust and mutual respect to be more successful in your meetings, negotiations, and projects with people abroad? We can provide the understanding and perspectives as well as the tools necessary to succeed in international business. And we can support you during the stress of culture shock that often accompanies overseas assignments and relocation.


“The transition from Europe to living and working in the U.S. could have been very stressful, but Greg was a great help for me and my family. His expertise and coaching skills helped us both prepare for the move and then adjust once we got there to make the whole experience both successful and enjoyable.”  - - Michael Wiedemann, Chief Security Officer at SAP


Let us help you, like we helped Michael and many others. We offer coaching and consulting as well as webinars and on-site workshops. We provide the essentials of global competence, cultural intelligence and international communication skills to promote effective and efficient cooperation as well as increase performance, creativity and productivity. And we are particularly adept at working with the complex communication and cross-cultural issues that face international teams and their leaders.


Greg Nees founded The German Connection in 1990 upon his return to the U.S. Since then Greg has trained and coached thousands of individuals as well as teams from HP, SAP, Bosch, Chrysler, General Motors, Volvo Construction Equipment, Delco, Kodak, Agilent, Phillips, Lapp Industries and more.
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